Travel info

    By plane

    The quickest way to reach our base in Val d'Aran is to fly to Tarbes or Toulouse airport.

    Val d'Aran is 1½ and 2 hours respectively from these two French airports.
    You should allow 4 hours for the drive from Barcelona airport.

    Helicopter transfers

    By helicopter transfer you can be on your skis less than an hour after landing at the airport.

    Tarbes : 25 minutes
    Toulouse : 30 minutes
    Barcelone : 1 hour

    Contact us for more information on helicopter transfers.

    By road

    By road, Val d'Aran is:

    2hrs from Toulouse (160 km)
    4hrs from Barcelone (350 km)
    1h30 from Tarbes (125 km)

We are Pyrénées Héliski.

We are Pyrénées Héliski.

And we help you best prepare your stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Do I have to bring my own ski equipment? / What kinds of skis/snowboards do you provide?

You need to bring your ski clothes and ski/snowboard boots.

The following pieces of equipment are available at our base for the entire length of your stay and are included in the cost of your package:

Fat skis designed for deep powder: 158cm to 193cm 'Pure' and 'Mission' skis by SCOTT

110cm to 140cm ski poles

ABS Airbag backpack with a shovel and probe

Mammut Pulse avalanche transceiver

Q What is included in the package?

Your package includes the cost of heliskiing, the services of a UIAGM guide, and the use of technical safety equipment.

Your package does not include the cost of travel to the base, accommodation, meals and drinks

Q Am I a strong enough skier for heliskiing?

You don't have to be an expert skier to go heliskiing.
Nowadays thanks to the development of gear especially designed for deep snow (fat skis), you can ski as well in deep powder as you do on the piste. If you can do parallel turns you can go heliskiing.

Nevertheless, so that you get the most out of your heliskiing holiday, you should be in good physical shape or you should get into shape before the start of your trip.

Q Which airport is closest to the base?

The quickest way to get to our base in Val d'Aran is to fly to Tarbes or Toulouse airports. Val d'Aran is 1½hrs from Tarbes and 2hrs from Toulouse by car. The drive from Barcelona airport takes 4hrs.

You can also take a helicopter transfer.

Q What is the average height difference for a descent?

The average length of run (vertical height difference) is around 800m and runs vary between descents of 600m and 1,200m (vertical).

Q On an 'Exclusive' package, with 2 rotations (based on a group of 8 skiers), how many runs can I do with 1 hour's helicopter time?

Making the most of the terrain, with 1 hour of helicopter flying time, we can do a total of 3 drops per person, maximum 7 rotations.